Photos of Meeting entitled “Potential of Waste Cooking Oil Recycling for the Production of Biofuels” - 15 October 2010


Scientific Responsible of the project, Dr Spyros Voutetakis (CERTH), welcomes the audience and the invited speakers at the Workshop.

Prof Zisis Samaras (AUTh/LAT) presents a review & evaluation of biofuels in transport.
Mr Antonis Fourlatos (Municipality of Thessaloniki) presents the role of the Municipality of Thessaloniki in recycling and new perspectives Presentation of the BIOFUELS-2G project by Dr Voutetakis.
Dr Haris Andrianos (ELIN BIOFUELS SA) speaks about the production of biofuels from WCO on a large scale. Representative of the Association of Restaurant Owners of Thessaloniki, Mr Gofas, presents the role of restaurant enterprises in WCO exploitation
Presentation on BIOFUELS-2G technology by Dr Stella Bezergianni. Presentation on WCO collection on a large scale by Dr Stelios Bikos (SELAS SA).
Participants of the Workshop.